Municipal Drains

A Municipal Drain is a drainage system - either open ditches or closed, such as pipes or tiles buried in the ground. Under the Drainage Act, the Municipality is responsible for maintaining Municipal Drains. 

If a Municipal Drain is affecting your lands and requires construction or maintenance, please contact the Drainage and Engineering Coordinator, Elizabeth Cummings at 519-845-3939 ext. 116.


If you are assessed on a recent drainage project and would like to receive a hard copy of the Engineers Report, please contact the Drainage Clerk.


Whiting Drain

Court Of Revision: May 8 2024 at 6:00 PM (Council Chambers)


Amendment (April 9 2024)

Stonehouse Drain

Preliminary Meeting: March 6 2024 at 4:00 PM (Council Chambers)

DRAFT Report

Confederation Line East Drain, Norman St. South and King-Anderson Extension


Fact Sheet - What is a Municipal Drain? 

Fact Sheet - Understanding Drainage Assessments

Plympton-Wyoming's Drain Payment Policy (V. DEC 2021) 

If your land requires drainage, you may file a petition for drainage works with the Clerk. The procedure for petitioning the municipality for new drainage work follows Section 4 of the Drainage Act.
If you require drain maintenance, complete and submit a Notice of Request for Drain Maintenance and/or Repair to the Drainage and Engineering Coordinator. The procedure for maintenance and repair work follows Section 74 of the Drainage Act.
As a landowner, you can request the municipality to repair or improve the whole or part of a drainage system. Common requests for repair and improvements include:
  • Changing the course of the drainage works
  • New or replacement of drain crossings
  • Deepening or widening of an existing Municipal Drain
  • Closing in of an existing drain

If you require drain repair or improvement, complete and submit a Notice of Request for Drain Improvement to the Drainage and Engineering Coordinator. The procedure for drain repair and improvements follows Section 78 of the Drainage Act.