The Town of Plympton-Wyoming (Operator's license No. 3280601) owns and operates the Wyoming Public Cemetery located at 450 Isabella Street in Wyoming (License No. CM-01812).

In addition to our active cemetery, we also maintain 11 inactive cemeteries

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact the Municipal Office.  

Annual Memorial Service in Honour of Decoration Day

Decoration Day is normally held the second Sunday of June. Our 2024 Memorial Service in Honor of Decoration Day will be held on Sunday, June 9th beginning at 2:00pm. This is a free event that is open to all members of the public. Attendees are asked to bring a lawn chair.


This year's service will feature live music, bagpipes, as well as a blessing & scripture. The service is an opportunity to reflect and pay homage to our friends, families, and loved ones who are no longer with us.



Decoration Day is a time honoured tradition where families visit the cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones by tidying up gravesites, cleaning cemetery memorials, and placing floral tributes. This annual observance has been honoured for decades at our cemetery but few can remember the true history behind this tradition.


Decoration Day, a precursor to Remembrance Day, was once a nationally recognized day in Canada that commemorated our war dead. On this day Canadians would gather at war memorials, visit the cemetery to clean up veteran’s gravesites, and leave floral tributes, wreaths and garlands.