Municipal by-laws help make our community a safe and enjoyable place to live and work. 

By-laws are:

  • The primary legislative instrument for exercising powers under the Municipal Act, 2001.
  • Enacted, amended and repealed by Council. By-laws may also be enacted by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), city agencies and other local boards.
  • Enforceable as municipal legislation.
  • Made publically available by Corporate Services. Certified copies of by-laws may be obtained upon request.
Frequently Requested By-laws

We make every effort to list accurate and up-to-date by-laws; however, we can't guarantee the accuracy of information provided here. The following commonly requested by-laws are not certified true copies and are condensed for your convenience:

Contact us for more information about any of our by-laws.

By-law Enforcement

By-Law Enforcement staff from the County of Lambton enforce the Town's by-laws.  By-law enforcement is operated on a complaint basis.

*NEW* Complaints regarding Plympton-Wyoming By-laws can be reported online through the County's new Cloudpermit By-law Reporting system.  If you are unable to submit the complaint online through the reporting system you are required to put it in writing and submit it to the Municipal Office.  An investigation then occurs and if required, resolved pursuant to the applicable by-laws.

The following By-laws are enforceable through By-law enforcement (a copy of the By-laws can be seen under the 'Frequently Requested By-laws' tab above):

  • Building Permit By-law
  • Cleaning and Clearing of Land, 'Tidy Yard' By-law
  • Dog Licensing By-law
  • Mobile Food and Refreshment Vending By-law
  • Open Air Burning By-law
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Sign By-law
  • Swimming Pool Fence By-law
  • Traffic and Parking By-law (with amendment)
  • Zoning By-law