The Town of Plympton-Wyoming's Zoning By-law (with maps) implements the policies of the Official Plan by regulating:

  • Use of land and buildings
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located
  • The types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used
  • The lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street

You can search the Town's Zoning By-law (without maps), and refer to the maps and tables to obtain a properties zoning category, permitted uses and regulations.

Zoning By-law Amendments

To apply for an amendment to Plympton-Wyoming's Zoning By-law, review the Zoning By-law Amendment procedure and application. Please consult with the Planning Department before making a formal submission. The fee for submitting a Zoning By-law Amendment is $1,200.00, with $425.00 of the fee going to the County of Lambton.     

Zoning is established under Section 34 of the Ontario Planning Act.

Zoning Questions or Complaints

Our Planning Staff can answer questions about the enforcement of zoning regulations and complaints.