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Community Improvement Plan - Wyoming

Community Improvement Plan (Downtown Wyoming)

The Township has initiated the study process to prepare a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for downtown Wyoming.  MHBC Planning has been selected to carry out this process on behalf of the Town, and will be responsible for coordinating both the technical components of the CIP and the community consultation program.   MHBC provides planning services to municipalities throughout Ontario for a range of community-level planning projects, including the preparation of CIPs.

 Through the CIP process, a series of community objectives will be established and specific incentive-based programs and urban design guidelines will be explored to help achieve these objectives.  Community involvement and input will be key elements of the CIP process, and a community workshop will be planned for early-2018 to discuss the potential features of this Plan.  This workshop is intended to be a 'brainstorming' session where potential incentive programs and design guidelines will be introduced for consideration by local business owners, landowners and other stakeholders who may be interested in the CIP initiative. 

 Public Open House - April 24, 2018


If you would like more information on the CIP process, or if would like make comments/suggestions on the draft CIP proposal, please contact Eric Miles, Planner at MHBC (T: 519.858.2797; E: or Carolyn Tripp, CAO, Town of Plympton-Wyoming.


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