Municipal Responsibilities

In the Town of Plympton-Wyoming, there are four levels of government with different responsibilities. 

Municipal (local) government

The Town of Plympton-Wyoming is responsible for things that are closely related to the Town, such as:

You are represented by one Mayor and six Councillors.

Regional (County) government

The County of Lambton is responsible for services that are related to the larger community, such as:
  • Public health
  • Social services
  • Housing
  • County roads
  • Landfills
  • Provincial Offences Court administration

Your representative on County Council is Mayor Gary Atkinson. 

Provincial government

The Province of Ontario is responsible for matters that are related to all of Ontario, such as:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Highways
  • Driver's licences
  • Health cards

Your Member of Provincial Parliament is Bob Bailey

Federal government

The Government of Canada is responsible for things that affect all Canadians, including:
  • Military
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • Passports
  • Income tax
  • Canadian Pension Plan
  • Social Insurance cards

Your Member of Parliament is Marilyn Gladu.