There are many facilities in the Town of Plympton-Wyoming for residents and visitors to enjoy, including:

Diamonds, Courts & Fields

Baseball diamonds

 Check out the following organizations for information about baseball leagues in Plympton-Wyoming:


Baseball diamonds listed by neighbourhood:


  • Arnold Minielly Park
  • Lakeshore Park
    • 1 baseball diamond
    • Stands
    • Washrooms
    • Playground and Pavilion


  • Canton Park
    • 1 baseball diamond (with lights)
    • Stands
    • Washrooms
    • Playground and Pavilion
  • Centennial Park
    • 1 baseball diamond (with lights)
    • Stands

Basketball courts

Basketball courts listed by neighbourhood:


  • McKay Park

    1 basketball court (with lights)

  • Mandaumin Park

    1 basketball court

Skate/BMX park

There is a Skate Park is located in McKay Park in Wyoming.

Tennis courts

Tennis courts listed by neighbourhood:

Blue Point

Blue Point Park

1 tennis court (with lights)


McKay Park

1 tennis court (with lights)



Plympton-Wyoming is home to a number of parks with a diverse range of amenities and activities. View the park list below or view our Municipal Park Listing to learn more.


The Town has pavilions located throughout the municipality in several of our parks available to rent, which can be booked online, here
Residents will need to create and account first, then login. 



Park or Gazebo



McKay Park Gazebo

$60.00 per day


Lamrecton Park Gazebo

$60.00 per day


Lakeshore Park Gazebo

$60.00 per day


Canton Park Gazebo

$60.00 per day


Highland Glen Gazebo

$60.00 per day


All Other Parks

$50.00 per day


 McKay Park
 McKay Park offers the following activities and features: 

Blue Point Park
 You can enjoy many activities at Blue Point Park, including:
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Playground area 
Mandaumin Park
Enjoy the following activities and features at Mandaumin Park:
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Playground area
  • Picnic pavilion (book online to view rental options and availability)
Plumb Park
Plumb Park includes a playground area and a spot to play volleyball.
McEwen Park

The four hectare McEwen Park (formerly Charles J. McEwen Conservation Area) is a great place for a swim and a picnic. The area features a 200 metre sandy beach and a picnic area.

Facilities include:

  • Parking
  • Sandy beach
  • Picnic area

Address: 4318 Lakeshore Road, Plympton-Wyoming

Highland Glen Park

The Highland Glen Park (formerly known as Highland Glen Conservation Area) is 11 hectares of beautiful forested ravine land and a 600-metre beach along Lake Huron. The Park includes a boat ramp and safe harbour allowing free access to Lake Huron for boaters. A picnic pavilion makes this area a great place for a summer day trip.

Facilities include:

  • Parking
  • Boat launch ramp
  • Picnic pavilion (book online to view rental options and availability)
  • Sandy beach


Note:  The park closes seasonally as the Town does not provide snow maintenance to roadways within Highland Glen. Please contact the Town to inquire if the park is closed for the season.


Address: 5046 Lakeshore Road, Plympton-Wyoming

Lamrecton Park

In 2015, the board of directors of Lamrecton Camp gave the property to the Town of Plympton-Wyoming, on the condition that it remains in public hands.

Facilities include:

  • Parking
  • 4.6 acres of parkland
  • Hall (currently not open to the public)
  • Picnic pavilion (book online to view rental options and availability)
  • Sandy beach

Address: 3110 Egremont Road, Plympton-Wyoming

Canton Park

Located at 669 London Street, Canton Park features:

  • A nearby baseball diamond
  • A playground
  • A green area
  • A pavilion and picnic tables (book online to view rental options and availability)
Arnold Minielly Park

Located at 6767 Camlachie Road, Arnold Minielly Park includes the following:

  • Nearby baseball diamonds
  • A playground
  • A green Area
  • Washrooms

Please contact the Camlachie Athletic Association for baseball diamond and pavilion rental information. 


The Township of Plympton-Wyoming has 17 playgrounds for the community to enjoy:

  • Arnold Minielly (Camlachie), 6767 Camlachie Road
  • Blue Point Park, 5004 Collingwood Drive
  • Bowling Green Tot Park, 4130 Blue Point Drive
  • Canton Park, 669 London Street
  • Donkers Tot Park, 555 Zone Street
  • Eton Court Park, 6817 Eton Court
  • Kings Square Park, 3511 Victoria Street
  • Lakeshore Community Park, 311 Egremont Road
  • Mandaumin Park, 3019 Confederation Street
  • Maples Park, 6797 Old Mill Road
  • McKay Park, 665 Toronto Street
  • Netty's Way Park, Netty's Way
  • O'Brien Tot Park, 560 Jane Street
  • Plumb Tot Park, 539 Toronto Street
  • Point View Park, 3988 Hillcrest Road
  • Redick Park, 744-746 Norman Street
  • Wilpstra Tot Park, 578 Huron Street


Community Centres and Halls

There are many facilities in the Town of Plympton-Wyoming for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Town owns two of these facilities:

Camlachie Community Centre


Photo Gallery: Camlachie Community Centre will appear here on the public site.


6767 Camlachie Road,

Camlachie, Plympton-Wyoming


You can rent the Camlachie Community Centre for a reception, party or other special event. The Centre holds up to 300 people with tables and chairs or up to 350 people with chairs only.


Amenities include: 

  • Tables and chairs
  • Full certified kitchen
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Bar facilities
  • Stage
  • PA system
  • Dinner/glass/silverware
  • Fully accessible washroom facilities


The Town now has online booking. Residents will need to create an account here first, then login to view availability and book the Camlachie Community Centre.

Other inquires can be emailed to Jess Wilson


2023 Pricing was approved by Council and By-Law 131 of 2022 was passed.








Camlachie Community Centre



     -Main Hall

$450.00 per day


     -Main Hall with Kitchen

$500.00 per day


     -Main Hall with Bar

$500.00 per day


     -Main Hall with Kitchen and Bar

$600.00 per day


     -Weekend Wedding Package



Board Room (Camlachie Community Centre)

-        subject to availability




Varies – based on number of people and alcohol


Corkage Fees




$10.00 per bottle


     -Beer, seltzer, etc.

$0.35 per can or bottle


     -Wine Bottle

$2.00 per bottle


     -Wine Box

$6.00 per box


     -Wine Glasses

$25.00 flat fee



$35.00 flat fee


Damage Deposit (refundable) –

weddings and stag & does




 Old Plympton Township Hall
 Old Plympton Township Hall exterior

Note:  The Old Plympton Township Hall is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.


4496 Egremont Road, Plympton-Wyoming


Old Plympton Township Hall events room



Lambton Shores (The Shores Recreation Centre)

 The Town of Plympton-Wyoming proudly supported the development of The Shores Recreation Centre located at:


7883 Amtelecom Parkway
Forest, ON N0N 1J0


General: 519-786-5371
Rentals: 519-243-1400
Toll-free: 1-866-943-1400


The Shores Recreation Centre has an arena with the following features:

  • 1 NHL size rink (200 ft by 85 ft)
  • Seating capacity of 700 (standing room for several hundred more)
  • A walking track (free to anyone)
  • Ice rentals for private parties/functions
  • Concrete pad with a capacity of 1,200 (can be rented out for trade shows, summer sports and other special events)
  • Concession area 


The Centre also features a gymnasium with a full-size basketball, volleyball and badminton court that can also be split into two courts using a curtain wall.

Wellness centre

Operated by the YMCA of Sarnia-Lambton, the Suncor Wellness Centre is located on the upper level of the Recreation Centre.

Petrolia (Greenwood Recreation Centre)

The Greenwood Recreation Centre is located at:

4065 Dufferin St. (corner of Huggard off Main St.)
Petrolia, ON  
N0N 1R0


The Petrolia arena offers:

Watford (East Lambton Community Complex)

The East Lambton Community Complex is located at:

61 Centennial Ave.
Watford, ON
N0M 2S0


The Watford arena offers: