Utilities, Sewer and Water

Broadband Speed Test

Cogeco Connexion has partnered with the Town of Plympton-Wyoming to assess the current broadband connectivity of homes and businesses in the area. Residents who wish to participate are asked to complete the speed test instructions at this link: Internet Speed Celertech.

Please note that a valid email address is required to complete the test and to allow you to edit and save the form. Under no circumstances will your email address be used for marketing or  solicitation purposes. Addresses provided may be used to communicate with you if important information related to this test is missing.

*Wastewater Servicing Master Plan 2021

The Town is currently in the process of undertaking a Wastewater Servicing Master Plan with the help of Jacobs. Updates regarding the Wastewater Servicing Master Plan will be posted here throughout the process.

Please see below for the most recent documents in regards to the Plan:

Notice of Study Commencement

Public Open House #1 - August 11, 2021

A virtual Public Open House will be be held on:


6:00 P.M.

Please follow this link to attend the meeting.

The Plan will be addressing things like:

  • existing and future capacity constraints and other existing deficiencies within the wastewater collection system, pumping stations and treatment plants
  • alternatives to determine the preferred long-term solution to provide reliable wastewater servicing in the Town

For more information, see this public notice. To attend the virtual meeting, please make sure to register as described in the notice.

Drinking water

The Town of Plympton-Wyoming is committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. Our water supply and distribution system is operated and maintained by Jacobs. Their staff members are all Certified Operators under Reg. 128-04 of the Certification of Drinking Water System Operators and Water Quality Analysts program.

Lambton Area Water Supply System (located in Point Edward) services Plympton-Wyoming, as well as other parts of Lambton County.  Additional information 2020 LAWSS Annual Report Schedule, LAWSS Annual Summary Report.

  • Operation, repair and maintenance of the distribution system including emergency repairs. (The property owner is responsible for the portion of the water service from their property line to the house or business).
  • Installation/repair/replacement of water meters
  • Flushing of the water mains
  • Water billing
  • Repair and maintenance of all Municipal hydrants

Water and sewer emergencies

Do you have a water or sewer emergency? Call Jacobs at (888) 399-1643 for help. 

Hydrant flushing

Jacobs carries out hydrant flushing quarterly.

Residents may experience temporary low water pressure and/or cloudy but harmless discolouration of the water.  Should discolouration occur, running a cold water tap for a short period will typically restore water conditions to normal.  Where practical, residents should avoid washing laundry during operational hours as to do so could result in discolouration of clothing.

Water rates

Water rates are based on a per cubic meter usage and a monthly base charge. All utility accounts are billed bi-monthly.

As per By-law 2021-19, the 2021 per cubic meter rate for water is $0.9909.

Sewage treatment

All of our sewer systems are in compliance with regulations mandated by the Ministry of the Environment and we meet or exceed all Provincial Standards. We undergo annual inspections of our system and plants to ensure compliance with our Certificate of Approvals.

Property owners are responsible for the portion of the sanitary lateral from the property line to the house or business.

Our sewer treatment plants are located at 4043 Aberarder Line and in the Village of Wyoming.

Sewer rates

All sewer rates are based on the amount of water used plus a monthly base charge based on the size of water meter installed. All accounts are billed on a quarterly basis on your water bill.

As per By-law 2021-19, the 2021 per cubic meter rate for sewer is $1.1171.

Sewer backup

If a sewage back-up occurs in your home contact Jacobs at (888) 399-1643 for help.