Interested in joining the Plympton-Wyoming Fire Department?

Want to help others and serve in your community.

Enjoy working as a team.

Enjoy continuous learning. 

You may be an ideal candidate for a challenging position as a Volunteer Firefighter

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The Town of Plympton-Wyoming residents, visitors and property is protected from the adverse effects of fire and other emergencies by Volunteer (Part-time/On-call) Firefighters that respond from the Camlachie and Wyoming Fire Stations. The rate of pay for PWFD Volunteer (Part-time/On-call) Firefighters is $20.70 (2021 rate) per hour for approved training and emergency response with a minimum two hour of pay for any emergency response attended. The Volunteer Firefighter's are classified as “Part-time” employees of the Town of Plympton-Wyoming as well as “On-call” for when they are paged/dispatched to respond to an emergency.. 

Recruitment of Volunteer Firefighters is conducted on an as needed basis as openings occur at one or both fire stations.

Plympton-Wyoming Fire Department is always on the lookout for people with a strong desire to help others and those with courage and dedication to the work they do.

Because being a Volunteer Firefighter is so important, we make sure all of PWFD Volunteer Firefighters are expertly trained and properly equipped.

So if you want to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging opportunity, being a volunteer firefighter may be the opportunity for you.

Plympton-Wyoming Fire Department operates out of two stations one located in the hamlet of Camlachie and one in the village of Wyoming and is managed by a full-time Fire Chief (Director, Fire & Emergency Services/Fire Chief).  As a member of this dedicated team, you will respond to firefighting and rescue operations, operate and maintain fire apparatus and equipment, and participate in public relations and education.

Firefighters normally train a minimum of twice monthly for a total of six hours per month.  The Fire Department develops a strategic training plan for training that focuses on the components of the Ontario Fire Marshal's firefighter training requirements as well as local needs including but not limited to;  Automated External Defibrillation (AED), First Aid/CPR and other specialty programs like vehicle extrication and driver training.

Firefighters are also provided opportunity to attend the Ontario Fire College and other training institutions to further their fire service training and interests in Fire Prevention, Public Education, Company Officer and other specialized programs.

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