Open Air Burning and Permits

Planning a backyard campfire or other type of open fire?

By-law 3 of 2022 states that a permit is not required for:

  1. An outdoor fire container, or a burning appliance as long as the installation and location of the burning appliance meets the manufacturer's specifications;
  2. A Pit or contained area used for a "social campfire" between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.;
  3. A person setting or maintaining a social fire at a camp site within a commercial trailer park or campground that is in compliance with all rules and regulations of the park owner, as long as the size conforms to the maximum size for a social campfire;
  4. Fire department personnel for the purposes of education and training;
  5. Any fires approved by the Fire Chief or designate. Notification of such approved fires shall be made by the Fire Chief or designate to Fire Dispatch.


Before leaving the fire, be sure to put them out and cover them with a lid.

Be a good neighbour

Please do not hold open fires on windy days or nights, to keep smoke from coming into neighbouring yards or through neighbours windows.

Agricultural open air burning

A farmer who wants to have a fire in the open air on a specified day for regular agricultural burning must apply for a Burn Permit through our Municipal Office. You must apply at least 2 full working days before and permits are good for one week. All open air burns must follow the Burn By-law.