The Town of Plympton-Wyoming operates the Wyoming Public Cemetery (License No. CM-01812) as a public, non-denominational cemetery. The cemetery is located at 450 Isabella Street in Wyoming.


The cemetery is maintained by the Wyoming Public Cemetery & Inactive Cemetery Committee, as well as municipal staff. In honour of those who came before us, we conduct a Decoration Day service the second Sunday of June each year.


We offer full burial lots, cremation lots, and niches in the vertical columbarium. To purchase a location, please call 519-845-3939 to arrange for a meeting.

2024 Cemetery Price List


We offer burials year-round. Please call 519-845-3939 for more information or to arrange for an interment.

Denominational cemeteries

Mount Calvary Cemetery

Located next to the Wyoming Public Cemetery at 450 Isabella Street, the Mount Calvary cemetery is a Catholic cemetery operated by St. Phillip's Catholic Church. For more information contact Martin Gerrits at 519-845-0759.

Hillsboro Cemetery

Located at 7995 Hillsboro Road, the Hillsboro Cemetery is privately owned and operated. For more information please call 519-786-3333 or 519-786-4779.

Uttoxeter Cemetery

Located at 6629 Uttoxeter Road, the Uttoxeter Cemetery is operated by the Uttoxeter United Church. For more information contact Tracy Ennette at 519-333-8266.