Mayor and Council

The Town of Plympton-Wyoming is a lower-tier municipality within the County of Lambton. There is one Mayor, one Deputy Mayor and five Councillors.

The current term of Council began on December 5, 2018 and will end on November 30, 2022.  For election information.

Each member of Council was elected to represent the entire Town and you can contact any member of Council concerning a matter of interest.

Lonny Napper - Mayor

Mayor Lonny Napper

Address: 568 Front Street
Plympton-Wyoming (Wyoming) ON
N0N 1T0
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Muriel Wright - Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Muriel Wright

Address: 5174 Egremont Road
Plympton-Wyoming (Camlachie) ON
N0N 1E0
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Netty McEwen - Councillor

Councillor Netty McEwen

Address: 3859 Egremont Road
Plympton-Wyoming (Camlachie) ON
N0N 1E0
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Gary Atkinson - Councillor

Councillor Gary Atkinson

Address: 771 Broadway Street
Plympton-Wyoming (Wyoming) ON
N0N 1T0
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Tim Wilkins - Councillor

Councillor Tim Wilkins

Address: 6407 Oil Heritage Rd,
Plympton-Wyoming (Camlachie) ON
N0N 1E0
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Bob Woolvett - Councillor

 Councillor Bob Woolvett

Address: 4016 Hillcrest Road
Plympton-Wyoming ON 
N0N 1J6
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Mike Vasey - Councillor

Councillor Mike Vasey 

Address: 572 Sarnia Street
Plympton-Wyoming (Wyoming) ON
N0N 1T0
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