Phragmites Spraying Notice

Posted on Thursday August 04, 2022



The Municipality owns and manages roadside vegetation within the Town of Plympton-Wyoming which is currently being severely impacted by the invasive species Common Reed (Phragmites australis). Due to the aggressive and invasive nature of this plant it is recommended that a combination of herbicides and prescribed burns be used to bring the infestation under control. 

Herbicides are regulated in Ontario under the Pesticides Act. This project has obtained a permit to spray herbicides in Ontario for the protection of Natural Resources. Application will be completed by Gm Construction from Sombra, Ontario. Safety is the central focus when planning all spraying activities. All Spray Team members are certified in their capacity of their positions to handle and apply Herbicides under the Pesticide Act in the Province of Ontario. 

Herbicide application is always weather dependent and will only be applied when conditions are appropriate. Appropriate conditions are assessed by Licensed Pesticide Applicators prior to, and during, all spraying activities. 

The desired result of the spray:

  • Effective and efficient kill of standing Phragmites australis. Active ingredient will move through the point at foliage contact to the root system. Visible effects are gradual wilting and yellowing of the plant that advances to complete browning of aboveground growth and deterioration of underground plant parts. 

Notice prior to spraying activities will be added for residents living in the area by way of street signs in the general area where spraying will occur. Once the chemical is dry, the health hazards past but a full 48 hours should pass before re­entry to the treatment area; same for domestic animals. Spraying activities could be postponed/ cancelled if weather is not appropriate.